M3 simply and R4(DS) review, special thanks go to Mod-Chip.com and M3adapter.com 5th of januari 2007

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The review

Left M3 simply, right R4 DS

Because only the skin (looks) are different but not the menu itself I have only included screenshots of one adapter

Overall rating for the R4DS and M3 simply slot-1 media adapters
Discription R4DS
(out of 10)
M3 simply
(out of 10)
Boxart, manual and product appeal
8 8+
Hardware design, durability and features
8.5 8.5
Overall Homebrew and NDS game
(if applies) compatibility score
9 9
Product future
What this products future looks like
promising very good
(Built in) extra features of the NDS media (adapter) card
  • Boot slot-2
  • Boot slot-2

  • I hope you all enjoyed my review and found it useful.

    -Simon van de Berg

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